20 Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits

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20 Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Last updated on December 16, 2020 8:00 pm


Professional Lightroom Presets For Portraits

Are you on the lookout for top-grade Lightroom presets for portraits- all for free to enhance shots taken in the park or the local photo studio? Then you should absolutely check out these 20 Lightroom presets for portrait photography carefully designed by FixThePhoto image editing experts.

These portrait presets are meant for aspiring and skillful photographers who wish to shorten the time spent on picture color correction. Nothing difficult – simply pick a preset you like, apply it, and get a stunning result within a couple of seconds.

What are the exact functions of these free Lightroom presets for portraits? Firstly, they may increase the softness of the portrait, to add glam or, on the contrary, give it a crisp edge to provide a high definition effect. Furthermore, they eliminate unnecessary darkness, neutralize noise, enhance the subject’s skin tone and facial features without making portraits too artificial.

Benefits of These 20 Lightroom Presets For Portraits

FixThePhoto’s free Lightroom presets for portraits may be applied to any photography genre without problems. No matter how high or low your professional level is, you can easily take advantage of them.

Lightroom presets for portraits are essential tools for improving even the dullest shot and turning it into a portfolio-worthy picture. The image becomes vivid, vibrant and plays out in fresh colors.

Moreover, it acquires a gorgeous glowing effect that will beautifully blend into any foreground or background. In case you are searching for something dreamier, pay attention to matte presets. These are perfect for engagement, teenager and bridal portraiture when you need to accentuate the model’s emotions.

Not every portrait turns out exactly as a shooter has intended it. That’s where free Lightroom portrait presets come to the rescue. They will successfully cope with under- or overexposure, too dark or bright pictures.

Leave it to the presets, they will do all the job instead of you. You can apply them not exclusively to portraiture. They will improve any shot where you have to make an emphasis on the foreground object against a dimmed or shaded background.

If you have already liked these 20 free lightroom presets, here is an awesome bundle of 1500+ professional Lightroom presets available at 98% discount.

List Of Presets Included In This Bundle

  • Portrait Contrast Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Saturation Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Black & White Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Wind Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Sun Flare Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Matt Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Cold Shadows Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Old Style Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Cinematic Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Nature Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Fall Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Vintage Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Color Pop Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Sharpening Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Pure Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Fashion Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Brightne Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Pink Glasses Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Best Lightroom Preset
  • Portrait Darken Lightroom Preset

Contrast Portrait Preset

Here is one of the best portrait presets for editing indoor images. With its help, you can achieve even lighting, tweak white balance, increase brightness and clarity. Besides, it is a wonderful tool for smoothing out the skin tone.

Contrast Portrait Presets B & A

Saturation Portrait Preset

In case you are a fan of cold shades in shots, this will be one of the most appropriate free portrait presets. Blue hues in the photo will be emphasized, thus creating a moodier atmosphere. The experts don’t recommend applying the preset to indoor pictures, as it is meant mostly for portraits shot outside.


B&W Portrait Preset

Black and white effects are absolutely ideal for portraiture, especially since they emphasize the emotional coloring of the image. This preset is no exception.

It beautifully highlights the subject’s unique features in shots where other items don’t divert the viewer’s attention. Mind that it is better not to apply this preset to portraits with one or two models standing against a neutral background. Otherwise, the picture will look too overloaded.

B & W Portrait Presets : B & A

Wind Portrait Preset

This is one of the perfect Lightroom presets for portraits to add cheerful vibes to shots. It makes the images pop and increases the vibrancy with slightly yellow and greenish shades. The preset may not work for outdoor portraits, as it distorts the initial colors.

Wind Preset B & A

Sun Flares Portrait Preset

Do you have portraits from summer vacation to edit? Then you can freely apply this preset. It makes the shots warmer, sunnier and enhances their clarity. The developers suggest tweaking the white balance and contrast to get fascinating images.

Stay away from using this preset for indoor portraits since it can totally ruin the scene and the effect will look out of place.

Sun Flares Preset: B & A

Matte Portrait Preset

Among free portrait presets, this one excels at improving outdoor colorful portraits. It makes the colors more intense, vibrant and saturated. As a result, the picture starts looking truly captivating. Any travel portrait with a scenery background will benefit from being edited with this preset.

Matte Portrait Presets :B & W

Cold Shadows Portrait Preset

For more mystery in the shots, it is one of the most suitable portrait Lightroom presets. Boosting contrast, it deals with slight underexposure in images. Apply it to rainy or snowy portrait shots.

Cold Shadow Portraits: B & A

Old Style Portrait Preset

This preset is aimed at softening the portraits’ background, putting emphasis on the subject. It may fit different portraits, however, it will perfectly work with close-up shots. The preset makes facial features more prominent.

Old Style Portrait Presets : B & A

Cinematic Portrait Preset

Film-like filter with a nostalgic vibe will always look awesome in portraits. This preset imitates a cinematic effect in portraits and tends to please many models and clients. If you have a picture taken in gloomy weather near an old monument or building, the preset will be an ideal match.


Vintage Portrait Preset

How about adding a retro touch, using one of the best free portrait presets for this task? It really brings back the older times and adds a bit of elegance to portraits. The preset will suit both inside and outside shots.

Vintage Portrait Presets: B & A

With These 20 Lightroom Presets For Portraits You Don’t Need To Be An Expert Photo Editor! Let Your Creativity & Captures Be The Trump Card & We’ll Take Care Of The Rest!

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